Rate of Non-Elderly Mental Health Disability in the U.S. Rises

Posted: 09/30/2011

Non-elderly Americans are reporting more mental health disabilities now than they did in 1997—especially those who already suffer from other chronic conditions. This finding comes from a new study published online last week in the American Journal of Public Health.

The study’s key researcher was Ramin Mojtabai, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H., from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, who looked at 312,364 patients between the ages of 18 and 64 years from the U.S. Read more »

Man Killed And Two Others Injured By Semi-truck

Posted: 09/28/2011

September 28, 2011

A man was killed last Wednesday night outside Indianapolis, Indiana, when he stopped to help another motorist change a tire and was hit by a semi-truck. According to Channel 10 News, the accident happened in the southbound lanes of I-465, just before midnight.

Authorities say two motorists in a silver Pontiac had stopped on the shoulder of the road to change a tire. Moments later, a pickup truck pulled up behind them. Read more »

Louisiana Woman Pleads Guilty to Social Security Fraud

Posted: 09/28/2011

Today an Avondale, Louisiana, woman plead guilty to stealing more than $70,000 in disability payments from the Social Security Administration.

The 48-year-old woman admitted to U.S. District Judge Stanwood Duval Jr., that she was employed at an Avondale company from 2003 to 2009 but continued to collect the Social Security Disability payments she’d begun receiving in 1993.

The woman used the wrong Social Security number to claim the benefits over six years. Read more »

Social Security Disability Applications Up 40 Percent in Florida

Posted: 09/26/2011

More Floridians than ever are now claiming Social Security Disability benefits; in fact, the figure is up 40 percent since 2007, meaning that 500,000 people received disability benefits in the Sunshine State last year.

The Sun Sentinel reports that waiting rooms in South Florida Social Security offices are full of people applying for benefits.

Many of these new applications, the newspaper reports, are “coming from people with mental or physical conditions who once were able to work and now can’t, or who lost their job and are unable to find a new one.”

“It’s very much in tune with the timing of our recession,” said an attorney to The Sun Sentinel. Read more »

Mitt Romney: ‘Social Security Is Our Country’s Safety Net’

Posted: 09/23/2011

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who is seeking the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, has authored an op-ed for Fox News called “The Future of Social Security.”

Published yesterday, the article poses the question of what to do about Social Security.

“Social Security is our country’s fundamental safety net for Americans facing old age and disability,” says Romney. “The program was hotly contested at the time it was passed, but has long come to be accepted by both Democrats and Republicans alike as a vitally important form of financial protection for millions of Americans.”

Romney acknowledges flaws in the Social Security program and calls for reform that will strengthen the program. Read more »

More and More Employers Shrug Off Disability Insurance Costs

Posted: 09/21/2011

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst; isn’t that how the saying goes? Too few Americans are “preparing for the worst” when it comes to disability insurance, points out a new Washington Post article.

That’s because few people anticipate relying on disability insurance; thus it’s often taken for granted when employers foot the bill for it. Likewise, disability insurance is often barely missed when employers withdraw it from company benefits packages. Read more »

Loophole In Law Puts Intoxicated Drivers Back On The Road

Posted: 09/21/2011

September 21, 2011 People tend to think that once an impaired driver is caught, the law keeps them off the road for good. In Indiana though, a loophole in state law is allowing these impaired drivers back on the road; putting themselves and others in danger. Eyewitness News 13 told the story of a Fulton County man whose license was suspended when he crashed his moped into a utility pole. He wore no helmet and was highly intoxicated from prescription drugs when he crashed.  Read more »

When Should You Start Collecting Social Security?

Posted: 09/19/2011

People generally have lots of questions about Social Security, but one of the most pressing regards when to start collecting it.

In a new article, the San Francisco Chronicle clearly lays out your three options for when you can begin to collect Social Security—which includes taking benefits early (as early as age 62), waiting until the normal retirement age (age 67, if you were born in or after 1960), or waiting until after the normal retirement age. Read more »

New Polls Show How Rick Perry’s Social Security Stance Sits with Voters

Posted: 09/16/2011

Texas Governor Rick Perry called the Social Security program a “Ponzi scheme” that was doomed for failure in his 2010 book Fed Up! It’s a denouncement that many politicos have said would cost the governor in his bid for the 2012 GOP nomination, but new polls may indicate otherwise.

The results of a Gallup poll taken earlier in the week were released Friday, September 16, and reveal that Perry’s comments on Social Security are  “a non-issue for most Republicans. Read more »

Sugarland Named As Defendant Following Indiana Stage Collapse

Posted: 09/14/2011

September 14, 2011

For the first time since the tragic stage collapse at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, the band that was set to play that night, Sugarland, has been named as a defendant on notices to several entities being accused of responsibility for the accident.  According to Channel 13 News, the August 13 stage collapse caused by gusts of high wind, killed seven people and injured 40 others.

Two families who suffered losses at the concert filed notices earlier this week against at least 15 companies, organizations, and individuals, including Sugarland, claiming their actions were the cause for the accident and deaths. Read more »