Advancements Made In New Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

It’s no secret that a spinal cord injury can have a serious impact on a victim’s mobility and function. Luckily, advancements are currently being made in the treatment of such injuries.

An article released by Becker’s Spine Review explained how a team of researchers is using stem cells to help patients who have severed their spinal cord recover from their injuries. Dr. Armin Curt, MD, stated that his team has been examining the effects of directly transplanting stem cells into the spinal cords of injury victims, while also using an immunosuppressive treatment.

His findings show that patients who have undergone the treatment showed a significant increase in sensory function after just six months. Even more shocking is the time frame in which the treatment has been found to be effective. Patients who were treated anywhere between four months and two years after their injury still responded well to the treatment.

The findings could be significant, considering there are approximately 12,000 individuals who become spinal cord injury victims each year. There are also an estimated 273,000 spinal cord injury victims currently living in the United States today.

The Terre Haute personal injury lawyers with Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin recognize the devastation that can be caused to the lives of a spinal cord injury victim and his or her family. That’s why the firm hopes these findings can be used to help find better treatment options for these individuals as soon as possible.

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