When Applying for Social Security Disability, You May Face Long Waits

One of the most difficult aspects of applying for Social Security Disability benefits is the amount of time the process can take. In fact, it could take years for the Social Security Administration (SSA) to reach a determination about your case and issue a decision. Here’s a breakdown on the wait times you may face during the Social Security Disability application process.

When you initially submit your application, the SSA has a goal of issuing a decision on claims within three to four months. However, a massive backlog of applications has caused the wait time in many cases to be as long as a year.

If your claim is initially denied, more waiting may be in your future. SSA reports show the average wait time from the date a hearing request is submitted to the day that request is held is around 15 months.

Even after you’re approved for Social Security Disability benefits, you can expect to wait even longer before you actually begin receiving benefits. Joanne Crane, a district manager for the Social Security Administration explains to the Asbury Park Press that a disabled worker can expect to receive benefits only after the sixth full month of their case being approved for benefits by the agency.

So what does this mean for disabled workers? Our attorneys at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin believe it shows the need to begin the application process as soon as possible if you’re unable to work due to an injury or medical condition. One of the best ways to start your benefits claim is by speaking with a qualified attorney. This can help you to better understand the processes you will face in the near future, as well as ensure all of your questions regarding those processes are answered.

Our team is available to speak with you anytime about applying for Social Security Disability. Just call (800) 477-7315 to get started.

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