Indiana State Police Begins Campaign To Reduce Construction Zone Accidents

by Staff | October 3rd, 2012

October 3, 2012

The Indiana State Police (ISP) reported that Putnam County, Indiana, has seen 49 construction zone accidents in 2012 alone, resulting in six fatalities and a dozen others being injured. Also, Hendricks County reports 10 accidents so far this year.

In an effort to curb the problem, the Indiana State Police began implementing a government-funded project, called the “INDOT Zone Program.” According to WTHITV 10 News, the campaign is aimed at making motorists more aware of construction zones and the hazards of driving through them. During the campaign, troopers will be stationed at construction zones along Indiana highways, where they will have their emergency lights activated.

The goal of the campaign is to prevent Indiana auto accidents in construction zones by getting drivers to voluntarily slow down through the areas. An ISP spokesperson, Senior Trooper Ty Lightle, said that while tickets are going to be written for non-compliant drivers, troopers will primarily be watching over the areas to protect motorists and workers.

Lightle claimed the most common causes for accidents within the zones is either speeding or merging too late. He later added slowing down and eliminating distractions is the best way to prevent accidents.

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