Terre Haute man arrested following auto accident

by fst | July 22nd, 2010

How many chances do you think a drunk driver should get? That is the question after a repeat offender has caused another Terre Haute auto accident.

The TribStar reports that a man has been arrested and faces felony drunk driving charges after an early-morning Terre Haute auto accident. The 26-year-old male drove through barricades and a stop sign before crashing into a parked police car that had its lights flashing.

A sheriff’s deputy was in the police car at the time of the Terre Haute auto accident. The driver continued through the barricade and struck a utility pole before coming to a stop.

The driver’s blood alcohol level was above the legal limit. He was also found to have a prior drunk driving conviction.

The deputy was treated for minor injuries, and although several Duke Energy employees were working in the barricaded area, no one else was injured in the Terre Haute auto accident.

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