Man arrested following Terre Haute auto accident

by fst | May 13th, 2010

The Trib Star reports that a West Terre Haute man has been arrested following a Terre Haute auto accident.

The suspect was clocked driving at 73 miles per hour around 5 p.m. on South Third Street. A sheriff’s deputy attempted to pull the vehicle over, but the driver would not stop.  A chase ensued, and the deputy followed the driver onto Harding Road.

On Harding Road the suspect crashed his vehicle into a warehouse. The West Terre Haute man then produced a gun and was waving it at the deputy. The man then ran from the scene to a nearby gas station. A person at the gas station transported him to the hospital to be treated for injuries. He was placed under arrest at the hospital, where his blood alcohol content was found to be .16.

What do you think this West Terre Haute man should be charged with after police accuse him of being chased by police going 73 mph then waving a gun?

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