Experts Push for a No-Fault Vaccination Compensation System

Modern vaccinations have been used to ward off disease in humans since the turn of the nineteenth century. As diseases evolve and develop over time, there becomes a need for advanced vaccines. With new medications can come new risks to patients. Some experts are calling for a compensation system to be created for those who suffer injuries or harm as the result of vaccinations.

Outbreaks of deadly diseases, such as Ebola, have raised questions regarding who is liable for harm caused by a vaccine. Under the current system, vaccine suppliers can be granted immunity from drug injury lawsuits from the country they are supplying or the United Nations, but some believe creating a no-fault compensation system may be more beneficial.

An article from Infection Control Today makes the case the system should be put into place to provide damages to victims of new vaccines that are being distributed for use on an emergency basis. The system would be funded through the World Bank’s current residual influenza trust funds and more specific contributions as well. Experts say the system would provide the public the protection they need in the event of an unforeseen adverse reaction to a vaccination.

Making sure those who are harmed get the compensation they deserve is a goal the Indiana personal injury lawyers at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin take very seriously. That’s why our legal staff is hopeful to see such a vaccination injury compensation system developed in the near future.

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