Mitt Romney: ‘Social Security Is Our Country’s Safety Net’

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who is seeking the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, has authored an op-ed for Fox News called “The Future of Social Security.”

Published yesterday, the article poses the question of what to do about Social Security.

“Social Security is our country’s fundamental safety net for Americans facing old age and disability,” says Romney. “The program was hotly contested at the time it was passed, but has long come to be accepted by both Democrats and Republicans alike as a vitally important form of financial protection for millions of Americans.”

Romney acknowledges flaws in the Social Security program and calls for reform that will strengthen the program.

Romney also takes on Texas Governor Rick Perry’s stance on Social Security. In his 2010 book, Fed Up!, Perry called Social Security a “crumbling monument to the failure of the New Deal.”

In response, Romney writes, “This proposal raises many more questions than it answers. For example: Does Governor Perry believe Social Security is unconstitutional, or is he advocating its elimination because he believes 50 separate programs would be better public policy?”

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What do you think about Mitt Romey’s Social Security stance?

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