Hurricane Sandy means late checks for some Social Security recipients

by lmallernee | November 5th, 2012

Your Social Security or disability checks may be late this month if you live in New Jersey, New York, or Connecticut. This month the U.S. Postal Service was struggling to restore service around the tri-state area, reports Reuters.

More than half of the total income for nearly two-third of people 65 and over is paid by Social Security. So many seniors really depend on their Social Security checks on time each month.

Although many seniors receive their checks electronically, 92,000 retirement and disability recipients in New Jersey still receive paper checks via the U.S. Postal Service, as do 43,000 in Connecticut and 229,000 in New York.

As you probably know, Sandy “walloped” the U.S. Northeast on Monday, October 29. And by Thursday, almost all mail carriers in northern New Jersey were back on their routes.

In locations that cannot be reached safely for delivery, mail is being returned to the nearest local post office. Social Security beneficiaries can pick up their checks at those offices and should bring identification that shows the same address that is on the check.

You may want to consider shifting to an electronic payment delivery in the near future. It could help you not have to journey to the post office or the bank in the middle of a major storm to pay your bills.

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