The 9 Best Companies for Disabled Americans to Work

by Staff | September 5th, 2011

In conjunction with Labor Day, the National Organization on Disability is applauding nine companies that it says recognizes and hires Americans with disabilities.

These companies include Sam’s Club, JB Hunt, Tyson Foods, Lowe’s, Aetna, Sodexo, ADP, Saint Barnabus Health Care System, and Toys ‘R’ Us.

“These companies are breaking new ground in employment best practices — and are reaping the benefits of a diverse and remarkably productive workforce,” said Carol Glazer, president of the National Organization on Disability, in a statement.

Each company is included on the list for a different reason and some for longstanding commitments to hiring disabled people, while others have only recently made strides. Lowe’s, for example, is pinpointed as a company that’s long been open to hiring people with disabilities, while Toys ‘R’ Us has added disability employment efforts in two of their distribution centers.

According to the National Organization on Disability, which is a non-profit, America is home to 54 million people with disabilities, though only 21 percent of the working-aged people with disabilities are currently employed full time.

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Do you think that this kind of public pat on the back might encourage other companies to become more open to hiring people with disabilities?

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