Part 2–10 things to prevent identity theft

The news is that Social Security benefit deposits are going totally electronic by March 2013, so you need to know that Social Security direct deposit theft is on the rise, according to Market Watch. Let’s not make it easy for thieves to steal our identities!

Here are five more tips for you to use to avoid identity theft and Social Security benefit theft specifically:

(6) Use a credit monitoring service. Such companies will keep track of all three of your credit reports and alert you if something changes.

(7) Leave your credit cards at home, locked away in a safe place. If you want to use one, take only that one with you .

(8) When checking out of a store or when at an ATM, watch out for people looking over your shoulder. These are the times when you need to guard your cards to insure privacy and security.

(9) Retrieve your daily mail as soon as possible. If you are not going to be home, have a trusted neighbor pick it up.

(10) Not only will thieves use your mailbox, but they will dig through garbage. Invest in a shredder and shred all of your documents that contain personal information.

These tips could save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

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