Researchers Look At How To Improve Employment Rates For Disability Recipients

October 7, 2013

Each year, hundreds of thousands of children are recipients of government benefits through the Supplemental Security Income program. The money is to be used for the expenses of everyday living until the recipient is capable of working. Unfortunately though, studies have shown that less than 10 percent of the children who receive some sort of Social Security disability benefit ever achieve competitive employment.

That is why a group a researchers at the University of Arkansas are collaborating with the Arkansas Department of Education in conducting a new study aimed at determining the best methods for helping disabled teens enter the workforce. According to an article released by Newswise, the project is being funded through a $32 million grant from the government.

The study will examine the cases of 2,000 recipients of Supplemental Security Income who are between the ages of 14- and 16-years-old. The teens will then be divided into two separate groups. One half will receive job coaching and counseling sessions that will help them find gainful employment, while the other half act as a control group. The team will then gather data over the course of a five-year period that will be used to develop assistance programs for the disabled.

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