70 Percent of SSDI claims denied

by lmallernee | October 22nd, 2012

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be difficult due to how long a claim can take and the high chance of being denied, according to DisabilitySecrets.com.

Statistically, 70 percent of all Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Social Security Insurance (SSI) claims are denied after the initial application.

What does this mean for SSD and SSI applicants who are disabled and need help?  It means that you need to learn everything you can about the system to better your chances of winning on an appeal.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a program that pays monthly benefits to you if you become disabled before you reach retirement age and aren’t able to work.

To qualify for the SSDI program, you must have worked a certain number of years in a job where you paid Social Security taxes (FICA) taxes and where you have earned a certain number of work credits.

How many work credits you need to qualify for SSDI benefits depends on how old you were when you became disabled. For example, if you are 50 years old when you become disabled, you need 28 work credits, or to have worked for seven years.

On our next blog on Wednesday, we will explain what Supplementary Security Income (SSI) is and how you can qualify.

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