Number Of Social Security Disability Claims Decreased Last Year

by Staff | March 1st, 2013

March 1, 2013

Over the last several years, the United States has seen a steadily rising number of applications for Social Security Disability Benefits. New information is showing that trend may be changing though.

The Buffalo Law Journal stated that data from the Social Security Administration shows that last year, there were approximately 2.8 million applications filed for Social Security Benefits. Experts say that is the lowest the number has been since 2009.

Experts believe the lower numbers of applications can be attributed to a positive change in the economy in recent years. Officials point out that when the job market is good, individuals with disabilities are more likely to keep jobs and continue working. When the economy slumps, which it had when application rates were at their highest, disabled workers are often the first to be laid off.

While the decrease in applications last year is seen as a sign of improvement for the strained system, there were still very few approvals for benefits. Data shows less than 35 percent of applications that were filed in 2012 were approved, while another roughly one-third were denied.

The Social Security Disability Lawyers with Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin recognize how complex and confusing the process of having a claim for Social Security benefits approved can be. That’s why the firm urges anyone who is preparing to file a claim to discuss their case with a qualified attorney.

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