Social Security Disability Lawyers Examine Effects Fraud Has On Other Claims

September 18, 2013

The nation’s Social Security program, which offers benefits to those who have retired or have become disabled and are unable to work, is currently facing a serious funding shortage. This shortage could lead to the collapse of a system that millions of Americans depend on as a source of income. The Social Security Disability Lawyers with Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin explain that one of the leading causes of the funding shortage is fraudulent claims.

Whether made purposefully or unintentionally, individuals who filed claims for Social Security Disability Benefits while holding a job during a period from December of 2010 to January of this year took the system for more than $1.3 Billion. According to an article published in The Washington Post, the losses show a serious problem in the claims approval process.

In order to receive benefits, a claimant must prove their condition leaves them unable to perform their job duties and must also give evidence to show they have not received more than $1,000 per month for the past five months. However, once an individual has met this criteria, little is done to ensure the claimant continues to receive this amount of income.

Experts say the shortage of funds these fraudulent claims cause only makes it more difficult for those who legitimately cannot work to get the benefits they desperately need. That is why the law firm suggests anyone considering applying for Social Security Disability benefits discuss their case with an attorney.

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