Social Security numbers accidentally published in California

The State of California mistakenly published thousands of Social Security numbers on the internet last week, reports WDAM.

Nearly 14,000 Social Security numbers belonging to Medi-Cal providers working for In-Home Supportive Services were inadvertently posted on the internet, an official from the Department of Health Care Services admitted.

For a period of nine days, the confidential information was available on the state’s Medi-Cal website for anyone to see, before the mistake was discovered and the numbers were removed.

“It’s really going to hurt a lot of people, and the bad guys are going to be out there in seventh heaven,” said an In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) worker, who works 50 hours a week as an in-home care provider.

Making $10 an hour, she is taking care of her son, who is legally blind and takes eight separate medications to combat his seizures.

As anyone knows, Social Security numbers are a key ingredient for identity theft.

“If we do get bad reports or money against our accounts, they should be liable,” the IHSS worker said about the Department of Health Care Services.

The deputy director for public affairs for the Department of Health Care Services said, “This was inadvertent, and we sincerely regret this has happened.”

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