Indiana 5th Longest Wait Time for Social Security Disability Claims

by fst | April 16th, 2010

The Journal Gazette reports that Indiana residents applying for social security disability may have a long wait in getting their claims filed. Indiana ranks fifth in longest wait time for disability claims to go before an administrative law judge. The national average is 14 months, and the Indiana average is 17 months.

These results were released in a report by Allsup, a private company that helps people file their disability claims. The report also indicates the wait time has decreased over the past few years, and Terre Haute attorney Anthony Tanoos agrees. This may be due to the additional judges and support staff the Social Security administration added in Indiana last year, which has historically had long wait times.

Social Security Disability Insurance pays benefits if you become disabled and have worked long enough and paid into the Social Security system. The process sounds overwhelming, which is why many people give up without receiving their benefits.

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