Some Social Security Disability Recipients Continue To Struggle Financially

December 18, 2013

Individuals who are left unable to work due to a mental or physical condition may be eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits. However, the Social Security Disability Lawyers with Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin explain that even with this assistance, many recipients find it difficult to make ends meet.

An article published by The New York Times recently told the story of a 65-year-old Brooklyn, New York, resident who struggles financially due to several health conditions he suffers from combined with the meager benefits he receives from the government. The story stated that in October of last year, the man collapsed and was rushed to a local hospital, where he was diagnosed with a bacterial infection of his heart tissue. This condition combined with diabetes left the victim hospitalized for months before he was discharged with a $320,000 medical bill.

He was able to have Medicaid cover a large portion of the bill and had the remainder whittled down to a $40 copay, but he is still unable to work. Now, he collects Social Security disability benefits, Supplemental Security Income, and food stamps, but combined they do not cover all of his basic expenditures.

The law firm’s team of attorneys understands how complex determining what a fair amount of benefits to receive from the Social Security Administration is. That’s why the firm suggests anyone considering applying for such assistance discuss their legal options with a reputable attorney first.

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