Surfing Social Security online

As of May 1, the Social Security Administration has created a feature on its website that allows you to view your Social Security earnings and benefits online, according to You can also estimate your retirement, disability, and survivor benefits.

You can go to and create an account for yourself. This tool can help you receive all your benefits and make smart decisions about when to claim them.

Social Security says that more than 99 percent of earnings records are accurate. What if you are in that one percent? Social Security recommends that you review your statement annually.

Here are a couple things that you can learn from your online statement:

–Have your earnings been reported correctly? If your earnings are not reported accurately, you will not receive all of the benefits you are owed.

Your earnings could contain errors if you changed your name and did not report the change or if your employer used the wrong social security number or reported your earnings incorrectly.

–What are your estimated Social Security benefits? You will be given three estimates–at 62, at full retirement age, and at 70.

Social Security will still mail paper statements to those age 60 and older who are not already receiving their benefits. Social Security also will mail paper statements to workers in the year that they turn age 25.

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