Factors Affecting Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security Disability: Where Are Recipients Located and Why?

by Staff | September 22nd, 2014

There are currently more than 10 million Americans who depend on Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits as their main source of income, and data indicates some areas of our nation see higher rates of beneficiaries than others. This leaves many citizens questioning which factors affecting Social Security Disability claims may be causing concentrated disabled populations in certain regions.

Records from the Social Security Administration (SSA) indicate the southeastern section of our country has the highest population of SSD recipients. West Virginia had the greatest number of disabled citizens, while Alabama follows closely in second with nearly 300,000 people benefiting from the system. Arkansas, Kentucky, and Mississippi rounded out the top five states with disabled citizens.

So, what is causing so many people in the south to be considered disabled? Researchers from the SSA believe it may be tied to injuries causing physical pain. Many state economies in the south rely on physically-intensive labor, such as mining or construction, which can lead to musculoskeletal disorders and other painful disabilities. An article from Al.com states roughly 30 percent of all disability claims stem from pain-related issues, and the states with the greatest disability rates also see the highest percentages of prescriptions for painkillers.

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How Student Loan Debt Can Affect Your Social Security Disability Benefits

by Staff | September 12th, 2014

There are countless circumstances that can result in garnishment or loss of Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, but one of the most common factors affecting SSD claims today is student loan debt.

A majority of the individuals working toward achieving a higher education pay for their schooling through student loans. This money can come from programs provided by the federal government or through private lenders. Both must be paid back, but a tough economy has led many loan recipients to go into default after not making payments.

Our government is looking to cut their losses by garnishing Social Security Disability payments of recipients who have not repaid their student debts. In fact, an article from The Wall Street Journal says estimates show as many as 110,050 disabled Americans had funds taken from Social Security Disability payments to recoup money from unpaid student loan debts.

The practice seems to mostly affect older Americans, considering almost 20 percent of Social Security recipients between ages 50-64 were in default on student loan payments.

The practice has left many experts questioning why our legislators would attempt to take from those who are already struggling to make ends meet due to a disability.

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