silver tsunami of baby boomers

American Cities Urged to Prepare for ‘Silver Tsunami of Baby Boomers’

by Staff | July 11th, 2011

A new Associated Press article urges American cities to get ready for the elderly. And not the hobbling-with-a-cane elderly stereotype. This time there’s a new senior in town, and they’re sprightly and come in large numbers.

“To envision how this silver tsunami will challenge a youth-oriented society, just consider that seniors soon will outnumber schoolchildren in hip, fast-paced New York City,” says the feature.

The article urges American cities to become more senior-friendly, pointing toward Atlanta’s creation of “lifelong communities,” Portland’s inclusion of senior concerns into its planning and zoning policies, and New York’s utilization of unused school buses to take seniors grocery shopping.

“It’s about changing the way we think about the way we’re growing old in our community,” said New York Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs. “The phrase ‘end of life’ does not apply anymore.”

Though cities are doing more prep work for the Baby Boomers’ maturation, some say things have gotten off to a late start.

“It’s shocking how far behind we are, especially when you think about this fact—that if you make something age-friendly, that means it is going to be friendly for people of all ages, not just older adults,” said Margaret Neal of Portland State University’s Institute on Aging.

Does your city offer much support to its senior population?

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