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AARP To Attend Social Security “Salon”

by Staff | March 16th, 2012

On Monday the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) will kick off a national Social Security and Medicare “listening tour” called “You’re Earned a Say, and We’re Listening,” according to Huffington Post.

Through “town halls, community conversations, bus tours, and other events,” the organization promises to offer members a chance to speak out on the simmering debate over the future of Social Security and Medicare.

But while AARP staffers fan out across the country to hear from members, the group’s CEO, Barry Rand, will be listening to a different group.

An AARP invitation to a secret “Relaxed and Robust Evening of ‘Salon Style’ Conversation” is to be held at a Capitol Hill home on March 27. This meeting appears to indicate that the organization is still very much interested in a “grand-bargain” style deal that puts Social Security and Medicare cuts on the table.

The overwhelming majority of AARP members are strongly against benefit cuts, but the group’s team in Washington nevertheless wants to be an influential part of the conversation.

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