Social Security Disability Wait Times

Bill Proposes Immediate Social Security Disability Payments for the Terminally Ill

by Staff | September 17th, 2015

It’s no secret that getting approved for Social Security Disability benefits can be a long, drawn-out process. The Social Security Administration has conceded that it takes the agency more than a year to process some claims. Even once a claim is approved, the recipient has to wait five months before receiving their first payment. So, what happens if the applicant is terminally ill and can’t wait months or years to receive benefits? A new bill proposed by lawmakers will hopefully address this question.

A new law proposed by U.S. Senators Sherrod Brown and John Barrasso aims to allow those who are deemed terminally ill by two independent certified physicians to immediately begin receiving Social Security Disability benefits. The bill would also require annual reporting on the number of individuals who receive expedited payments.

As part of the plan outlined in the bill, those who receive the expedited payments would only receive 50 percent of their total monthly payment in the first month after being approved. According to the Portsmouth Daily Times, the individual would then receive 75 percent of their monthly payment in the second month, followed by full payments in the third through the twelfth month of approval.

If the claimant is still living in the second year following their approval, they will receive a prorated amount of the benefits that were paid during the first five months of approval. By the third year, the recipient would get 95 percent of their total monthly benefit amount.

Our legal staff at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin recognize the hardships many terminally ill Social Security Disability applicants face while waiting for their claim to be processed. That’s why our Social Security Disability lawyers are hopeful this new bill will be approved during upcoming legislative sessions.

How You Can Reduce Social Security Disability Processing Wait Times

by Staff | April 30th, 2014

Estimates show the amount of time an individual may wait for the Social Security Administration (SSA) to reach a decision on their disability claim can now exceed 400 days. This is the longest wait time the agency has reported since 2010.

Statistics like this one leave many applicants searching for ways to beat this wait time to get access to the benefits they deserve. Luckily, the Social Security disability lawyers with Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin have some tips.

The firm explains the SSA has a list of conditions allowing an individual to receive expedited processing of their claim. The list, known as the Compassionate Allowances, includes conditions such as certain cancers, autoimmune diseases, and some mental conditions.

Veterans may also qualify for expedited processing of disability claims. The Houston Chronicle reports that any veteran deemed 100 percent disabled by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs will be eligible for the new program. Experts say hundreds of thousands of soldiers may benefit from the program.

The attorneys with Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin explain even with the expedited processing of  claims, you should consider speaking with an experienced attorney about your case prior to filing. We are available to help by calling 1-866-684-7216 today.

Bill Being Introduced to Eliminate Disability Wait Times For the Terminally Ill

by Staff | April 1st, 2013

April 1, 2013

With the average wait time for a decision to be reached on a Social Security Disability Claim inching towards almost a year, lawmakers are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of the process. In fact, one New York House delegate has introduced a bill that would put terminally ill patients on a fast-track to receiving benefits.

According to Channel 12 News, Rep. Steve Israel plans to introduce a bill that would wave those suffering from terminal conditions from having to wait a required five-month period to get benefits. Israel explained the bill was created after hearing the story of a 64-year-old woman who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and was told she had less than a year to live. She soon stopped work to begin treatment and vigorously applied for Social Security Disability; however, she was told she would have to wait five-months before receiving her first benefit.

Israel called it “outrageous” that someone with limited life expectancy does not receive benefits in a more timely manner. He went on the explain his bill will be introduced to a House committee in the next several weeks.

Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin and their team of Social Security Disability Lawyers are hopeful the bill will be successful in making benefits more accessible to those with the most need.