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Obama Makes His Case for Changes to Social Security

by Staff | August 16th, 2011

At a bus tour stop in Minnesota on Monday, August 15, President Obama addressed the debate over Social Security and his desire to make changes to the program.

“There have been times when our side, when Democrats aren’t always as flexible as we need to be,” Obama said. “Sometimes I do get frustrated when I hear folks say, ‘You can’t make any changes to any government programs.’ Well, that can’t be right.”

Fox News points out that Obama has repeatedly asked for Social Security reform as well as reform of programs like Medicare, about which he’s said, “It’s not an option for us to just sit by and do nothing.”

In deficit negotiations earlier this month, reform to government programs like Social Security was eventually blocked from figuring into the final agreement to raise the debt ceiling and cut spending.

A reported 60 percent of federal spending goes toward entitlement programs.

The President’s bus tour will also reach Iowa and Illinois this week.

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Do you agree that changes need to be made to government programs like Social Security? Or do you think the government shouldn’t focus on these programs since they’re not contributing to the national debt?

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