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Doctor charged in Terre Haute wrongful death lawsuit

by fst | July 1st, 2010

If a doctor is charged with liability, do you think his license should be automatically suspended?

A local doctor has been charged in the Terre Haute wrongful death of one of his patients, reports WTHI-TV.

The doctor is accused of prescribing narcotics to patients with a history of drug abuse. According to officials, he would have patients undergo invasive procedures they didn’t need to get the prescription drugs.

One patient with a history of drug abuse died from narcotic use prescribed by this doctor. The doctor has been indicted for charges related to fraud and other bodily injuries.

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As investigation continues, the doctor’s medical license is still active. Do you think it shows negligence on the part of the state that this doctor is still practicing?

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Mother files Columbus wrongful death suit over daughter’s death

by fst | April 22nd, 2008

April 22, 2008

An Ohio mother has filed a Columbus wrongful death suit against Franklin County’s Sheriff Department after her daughter was strangled by her estranged boyfriend.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, the woman’s daughter reportedly called 911 three times during her attack, but because she was unable to answer the door when help arrived, the police left.

The Ohio mother said more could have been done to prevent the Columbus wrongful death incident. She said the severity of her daughter’s phone calls were not explained to the security guard who came to her daughter’s door.

Jurors elected for the Columbus wrongful death trial will have to determine if dispatchers and technicians for the county sheriff’s department were negligent in their actions.

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Family files lawsuit against diabetic in South Bend wrongful death accident

by fst | April 3rd, 2008

April 3, 2008

Indiana family members filed a South Bend wrongful death and negligence lawsuit for their mother and ex-wife, who died in an Indiana car accident.

The South Bend woman was killed after an Indianapolis man, driving south in the northbound lane of an Indiana Interstate, drove his vehicle into the woman’s car.

According to The South Bend Tribune, the Indianapolis man had suffered a severe reaction to an extremely high blood sugar level and was therefore unaware that he was driving in the wrong direction.

Although the man was previously uninformed of his diabetic condition, the family of the woman still feels negligence was a factor in their mother’s South Bend wrongful death.

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