The Effects of Flaws in the Social Security Disability Benefit Claims Process

It’s no secret that the Social Security Administration is overwhelmed by a growing number of Social Security Disability benefit claims that are awaiting processing. What is shocking is the discovery that many cases are receiving hasty decisions from judges in an effort to get through their caseloads.

Reports from the Boston Herald indicate 200 administrative judges are coming under fire for allegedly “rubber stamping” claims, or approving claims without taking a close look at the evidence that was provided. These actions are said to have cost the program and taxpayers billions of dollars over the last several years.

Investigators found one judge in particular was responsible for approving 99 percent of the claims that came across his bench from 2005 to 2013. With lifetime benefits for a recipient averaging around $300,000, his actions potentially cost as much as $1.8 billion alone.

On the flip side of the coin, many legitimate Social Security Disability benefit claims are initially being denied—only to have the decision overturned later. Estimates show as many as 70 percent of claims are initially denied, but around three-quarters of claims that go through the appeals process are later approved.

The faults of the system’s decision-making processes only highlight the need to have a qualified Social Security Disability lawyer by your side if you are considering applying for benefits or have a claim that was denied in the past. At Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin, our attorneys know how to navigate the Social Security Disability system, all while answering your questions each step of the way. So call us anytime to discuss what we can do for you and your Social Security Disability benefit claim.

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