Three more Social Security ‘catch 22s’ to watch out for

According to Forbes, over the decades the rules governing Social Security benefits have become increasingly complex and confusing—even to the people working at local Social Security offices.

For example:

(4) You may not get a penny more back in exchange for all the taxes you paid to Social Security, working week after week, year after year, whereas your neighbor who hasn’t worked a day and pays no taxes may end up with higher benefits than you because her/his spouse earned more than your spouse.

(5) You apply for your spousal benefit and suspend your retirement benefit. You do not think about paying the Part B Medicare premium since you are used to Social Security deducting the premium. If you do not pay this check out of your own pocket, your retirement benefit at age 70 will be no larger than when you suspended it.

(6) If you are married right at, or less than, nine years, 11 months, and 31 days when you get divorced, neither you nor your spouse will collect spousal or survivor benefits. But if you wait one more day and are married for a full 10 years, then you and your spouse can qualify for these benefits.

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