What Qualifies An Individual For Supplemental Security Income?

June 28, 2013

Millions of Americans each year are left unable to work due to a mental or physical condition. This often leaves them reliant on assistance programs, such as Social Security Disability, in order to make ends meet. For many, these funds aren’t enough to make ends meet.

The government has created a program that provides additional funding to these individuals, called Supplemental Security Income. Many citizens wonder though, “What are the qualifications for Supplemental Security Income Eligibility?”

The Social Security Administration explains that in order to qualify for such benefits, an individual must either be over the age of 65, blind, or disabled in some way. Furthermore, the individual must also be a citizen and have limited income and/or resources.

Those who are not citizens of the United States may still be able to qualify for benefits if they meet certain criteria of what is considered a “qualified alien”.

Those who are ineligible for these benefits include:

  • Fugitives of the law
  • Anyone in prison or jail
  • Anyone admitted to a public institution
  • Any recipient absent from the United States for a full calendar month or 30 consecutive days

The Supplemental Security Income Lawyers with Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin recognize how complex the eligibility and application processes for benefits can be. The firm suggests discussing your case with an attorney if you are considering applying for benefits or have a claim that has been denied in the past.

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