Could Fatigue and Shorter Days Lead To An Indiana Car Accident?

by Staff | November 12th, 2014

With daylight savings time having taken effect several weeks ago, you may begin to notice hours of daylight getting shorter. Could this be putting you at a greater risk of involvement in an Indiana car accident though? One new study suggests the answer is yes.

An article from the Terre Haute Tribune Star explains researchers with the AAA Foundation of Traffic Safety concluded 21 percent of all fatal crashes can be attributed to driver fatigue. This led to questions arising as to what hours of the day drowsy driving accidents occurred in Indiana.

The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute determined that of the 16 accidents associated with driver fatigue that occurred in the state since 2011, a majority of those accidents happened in the afternoons and evenings, leading researchers to believe many drivers may have been drowsy after a long day at work, fatigued after a large meal, or even settling in to a long-distance drive for vacation or business.

Local law enforcement supported the findings by saying they get numerous calls about potential drunk drivers, only to find out the motorist is fatigued when they are stopped.

So what can you do to prevent drowsy driving? The Terre Haute personal injury lawyers with Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin suggest getting at least eight hours of rest prior to driving. If you find yourself getting fatigued while on the road, pull over at the next safe location, lock your doors, and take a quick nap before continuing to drive. Do not depend on tricks like drinking caffeinated beverages, turning up the stereo, or rolling down the windows to keep you awake while driving.

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