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When a major corporation introduces a defective or dangerous product into the marketplace that leads to numerous people suffering similar injuries, the claims can be consolidated as a mass tort for efficiency, much like a class action lawsuit. However, a mass tort differs because class action settlements are apportioned equally among the plaintiffs, while mass tort settlements consider the severity of each plaintiff’s injuries, allowing for different settlement amounts based on injuries and damages.

We understand that pursuing legal action against a major corporation may seem intimidating, but an experienced attorney from our firm is here to guide you through this process.  We can evaluate and assess the facts of your claim. We want the compensation the tortfeasor pays you to reflect the severity and impact of your injuries, and we will not accept anything less. Contact Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin today to discuss your case.

Examples of Mass Tort Cases

Our team of proactive lawyers handles various types of mass tort claims, including:

How to Know if a Claim Amounts to a Mass Tort

When multiple claims share common elements, the plaintiffs’ attorneys can ask the courts to hear the cases as mass torts. These common elements include:

  • Numerous people suing one defendant, called the tortfeasor, if the claims are condensed into a mass tort
  • The individual claims stem from one cause, such as a defective product or drug with dangerous side effects
  • Injured plaintiffs report consistent complications, although to varying degrees, including claims of pain in varying degrees from hernia mesh implants or different cancers from asbestos exposure
  • Plaintiffs are scattered nationwide and consolidating them in a central location in federal court is cost-effective and

Injured parties who believe they might have a mass tort claim should consult an experienced mass torts attorney to discuss this specialized process to recover compensation.

Compensation in Mass Torts

Compensation in mass torts is tailored to the actual damages each plaintiff suffers. Both economic and non-economic damages may be available.

Economic damages compensate plaintiffs for calculable losses, such as medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. Non-economic damages are subjective, assigning a value to more elusive losses, such as emotional trauma, disfigurement, pain, and loss of consortium.

 A Mass Tort Attorney Represents Your Interests

When a common defendant or product hurts numerous plaintiffs, a mass tort is a practical way to settle the claims by consolidating them in federal court. Unlike class actions, mass tort settlements depend on the severity of the injuries or lasting implications.

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