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How Common Are Car Accidents in Indiana?

Car crashes in Indiana have increased over the past few years, posing a risk to all drivers, especially teenagers. In 2020, there were approximately 175,000 collisions out of about 2 million registered vehicles in the state. Factors contributing to this rising rate include more speeding drivers and fewer people wearing seat belts.

The most common types of car accidents include rear end crashes, T-bone crashes (where the front end of the car hits the side of another car), rollovers (caused by a sudden swerve or running off the road), and head-on collisions.

Car accidents are common in Indiana and there are a few reasons that contribute to these statistics, which a reliable vehicle collision attorney could focus on if you wish to file a lawsuit.

Speeding and Running Red Lights

In 2019, Indiana had approximately 20,000 speeding-related collisions. When a driver speeds, they are more likely to lose control of their vehicle, run a red light, or ignore traffic signs such as a “Stop” or “Yield.” Speeding can increase the risk of a crash, inhibit the ability of seatbelts and airbags to fully protect the driver and passengers, and lead to more severe injuries.

Drunk and Distracted Driving

There are many ways to become distracted from driving, such as eating, changing the radio station, using your phone, putting an address into the GPS, or talking to passengers. Furthermore, driving under the influence is extremely dangerous because a driver is not fully aware of their surroundings and their reaction times are slowed. Both drunk and distracted driving are responsible for a significant number of vehicle collisions.

Teens and Car Accidents

According to the CDC, teens are at a greater risk for car accidents than any other age group. They are more prone to distractions such as talking with other passengers, using their phones, listening to music, and eating, which often leads to accidents.

Learn About Defensive Driving

Some car accidents are unavoidable, but you can lower your risk through defensive driving techniques, such as maintaining a safe distance between your car and other vehicles, consistently scanning your surroundings, being aware of blind spots, obeying all traffic laws and signs, and minimizing distractions. Always drive responsibly, never drive after drinking, and do not get in the car with a driver who has been drinking.

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