Indiana High School Athletes Being Taught About The Dangers Of Traumatic Brain Injuries

August 7, 2013

With school getting back into full swing and many students preparing for the fall season of scholastic sports, parents, coaches, and athletes alike are being reminded of the serious risks a Traumatic Brain Injury can pose.

All Indiana schools must now abide by certain policies regarding the treatment and monitoring of potential brain injuries, like concussions. These policies require that information about brain injuries be distributed amongst coaches, athletes, and their parents. According to an article published by The Kokomo Tribune, all participants and their legal guardians must also sign consent form acknowledging the risks of brain injuries. Furthermore, coaching staff must remove any player exhibiting the signs of a brain injury from play until they receive clearance from a medical specialist.

Football players are also now being trained in practice not to lower their heads when making or taking a tackle in order to reduce the chances of injury. At least 50 players have died as the result to f brain injuries sustained in tackles over the last ten years.

The policy changes came after an increased number of athletes suffering brain injuries were reported, culminating with the serious injury of a Marion High School football player in 2008.

The Terre Haute Personal Injury Lawyers with the law firm of Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin applaud the efforts being made to protect young athletes from the effects of brain injuries. The firm hopes the new regulations reduce the number of brain injuries that occur each year.

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