New Report: Social Security Paid $40.3 Million to Dead People

A recent report from the Social Security Inspector General gave plenty of Americans something to wag their heads about this week when it revealed that the agency has made at least $40.3 million in erroneous benefits payments to dead people.

CNN reports that the payments to dead beneficiaries were made in spite of the fact that agency had recorded the deaths in its records.

This information is based on a sample taken in January 2008, which is when the most recent audit occurred. Then, it was found that the agency was sending checks to 2,000 dead people. If that hasn’t since been stopped an additional $7 million may have been paid out to those no longer living.

Dennis Marvin, a Cleveland-based financial advisor, told CNN: “My clients are very concerned about whether Social Security is going to be there for them — there’s a tremendous lack of confidence in the system. The fact that some of the benefits they could get are being taken away because they are being spent on the deceased just adds fuel to the fire.”

The inspector general made a number of other findings about improper payments the agency has made, estimating that about $152 million in unnecessary costs could be saved this year if the agency can started paying deserving people and stopped paying those who no longer qualify.

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