Number Of Social Security Disability Claims Continues To Rise

March 22, 2013

Despite efforts being made by the federal government to keep workers on-the job, the number of Social Security Disability recipients has continued to rise to more than 14 million Americans depending on these benefits in order to survive. NPR News took an in depth look at the problem and what is being done to solve it.

The article discussed the shifts among the leading causes of disability claims in recent years. In 1961, Heart Disease and Stroke were among the leading conditions to take employees out of the workforce. Today though, much more ambiguous conditions, such as mental illness and back pain, tend to be the top reasons for claims being filed.

Another major leader in the rise in disability claims tends to be a lack of jobs available for individuals outside of certain skill sets or educational backgrounds. A rise in the number of parents filing Supplemental Security Income claims for their children has also bolstered the total number of claims in the past decade.

The government is currently working to resolve a shortage of funding that, at current rates, will dry up by 2016.

The Social Security Disability Lawyers with Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin recognize the rise in the number of disability claims being filed may make it more difficult for a disabled individual to receive approval for benefits. That’s why the firm suggests discussing your case with an attorney before applying for Social Security Disability.

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