First in a series about what candidates offer concerning Social Security

by lmallernee | March 7th, 2012

March 7, 2012

Running for president in the Republican primaries of 2012, Mitt Romney proposes actions that will help to preserve Medicare and Social Security, according to an editorial in the Buffalo News.

The editorial states that his proposals are refreshing and daring and that they are a change from the usual Republican prescriptions for privatizing or otherwise undermining the programs.

Other than to pledge to preserve them, candidates do not like to talk about issues like Medicare and Social Security. But Romney proposed recently to gradually raise the age at which Americans can start receiving benefits from these programs.

The editorial further comments that while Romney’s proposal may not be the best or only answer to the Social Security and Medicare problems, it is a responsible and welcome one. It addresses the programs’ looming financial crisis in a way that preserves benefits for future Americans without undermining benefits for older Americans.

Beginning in 2022, Romney proposes to raise the Medicare eligibility age by one month each year. Eventually, he would index eligibility ages for both programs to longevity, so that they increase only as fast as life expectancy.

Health care and a retirement program for older Americans are guarantees worth making, according to the editorial.

An honest acknowledgment of the programs’ finances and finding a way forward appear to have been taken into consideration in Romney’s proposal.

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