Getting the Benefits You Need When Applying for Social Security Disability

by Staff | June 8th, 2015

The process of applying for and being approved to receive Social Security Disability benefits can be complicated. But it seems as though many disabled Americans continue to struggle to get the benefits they truly deserve even after jumping through the numerous administrative and judicial hoops of the Social Security Administration (SSA). In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of disability recipients who receive too much or not enough benefits each year.

In an article published by Town Hall magazine, experts explain how the SSA overpaid almost half of our nation’s disability recipients over a ten-year period, resulting in $17 billion in extra expenditures. Recipients of the wrongful payments included those who were no longer considered disabled, the deceased, prison inmates, and others.

While some beneficiaries were receiving overpayments, other disabled Americans were struggling to make ends meet on the benefits they’re receiving. Many only receive a portion of their previous earnings, which results in a large number of disabled individuals living below poverty lines.

This may leave you wondering, “What can I do to help ensure I get the benefits I deserve when applying for Social Security Disability benefits?” Many believe the best answer to this question is to seek guidance from a qualified legal representative.

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