Study Shows Those With Autism May Find Success In Certain Jobs

October 11, 2013

One of the major problems the federal government is currently trying to solve with the Social Security Disability system is how to get those who are currently receiving benefits back into the workforce. In fact, 11 states just divided roughly $200 million in grants that is to be used to improve the long-term employment prospects of children and teens currently receiving Supplemental Security Income.

One of the most common conditions seen in the children receiving this particular benefit is Autism. One of the symptoms sometimes seen in these individuals is a drive to hold a specific routine or conduct the same task repeatedly. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is hoping to utilize this symptom to benefit safety at airports though.

According to an article from Disability Scoop, a new study conducted at Carnegie Mellon University has shown that men with Autism were able to perform equal to, if not better, at identifying weapons in baggage through X-Ray machines. The TSA is hoping the findings will allow individuals with Autism to have a gainful and important means of income.

The Social Security Disability Lawyers with the law firm of Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin applaud the efforts being made to improve the livelihoods of those who are considered disabled. The firm is hopeful the studies findings will implore officials to find more jobs these individuals are capable of holding.

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