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Veterans Disability Benefits Could Increase if New Legislation Is Passed

by Staff | June 12th, 2015

There are millions of former members of the American armed forces who are no longer able to work due to injuries or illnesses sustained in the line of duty. A majority of these individuals qualify for veterans disability benefits, but many still struggle to make ends meet on the meager compensation these benefits offer.

Our Terre Haute veterans disability attorneys at the law firm of Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin point out that lawmakers are working to address these benefits shortcomings by introducing new legislation that would increase payments to disabled veterans.

An article from the Missoulian states Senator Jon Tester has sponsored a bill that calls for an annual increase in veterans disability benefits payments to be considered. Under the new law, the increase would be calculated using rates of inflation—a similar process to what is used to determine Cost of Living Adjustments for Social Security Disability recipients. If the new law is approved, it would take effect in December of this year.

This isn’t the first time Sen. Tester has fought for increases in veterans disability benefits. He sponsored a bill last year that increased payments by 1.7 percent.

Our legal staff at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin believe in ensuring our nation’s veterans get the benefits they need to make ends meet. That’s why our Terre Haute personal injury lawyers would like to applaud lawmakers like Sen. Tester for standing up for our soldiers’ rights.

New Technology Could Slash Demand for Veterans’ Disability Benefits by Reducing Injuries

by Staff | May 21st, 2014

Iron Man is a fictional comic book and movie character, but the wounds and injuries suffered by soldiers on the battlefield are very real. In fact, the Department of Veterans Affairs estimates there are currently more than 3.5 million American veterans who receive veterans disability benefits due to mental or physical conditions directly related to their military service.

So what if we could reduce the number of soldiers who suffer devastating injuries during their service to our country through better technology? If plans for the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS) are successful, this dream may not be too far away.

According to an article from The New Orleans Advocate, the TALOS suit is extremely similar to the one worn by Iron Man in the sense that it is capable of preventing the wearer from being injured by bullets with exoskeleton armor, while keeping their bodies cool and providing valuable data and reconnaissance on the battlefield through tools similar to Google Glass.

Currently the system is still under design, but officials say they plan to begin implementing the use of the TALOS suit as soon as 2018.

The Terre Haute personal injury lawyers with Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin are hopeful the TALOS suit and other technologies will work to better protect soldiers from injuries. In the meantime though, we are here to help those who are struggling to navigate the veterans disability system. We can help answer the questions you have while walking you through each step of the process. So call us today at (800) 618-4878 or fill out a free online consultation form and a member of our staff will be in touch to discuss your needs and concerns.