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Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, provides monetary compensation to disabled individuals with a qualifying work history. There are strict requirements an applicant must meet to qualify for SSDI, however. A dedicated disability attorney could help ensure that an applicant meets those requirements before they apply to minimize any unnecessary delays.

If you are considering filing an SSDI claim, understand that the process is not always successful immediately. Even if your claim is denied, an Indianapolis Social Security Disability Insurance lawyer could help you get the benefits you need through one or more appeals.

Qualifying for SSDI

There are two important requirements for SSDI, and you must meet both of them to qualify for benefits. Specifically, you must suffer from a disability that prevents you from performing any gainful activity and have earned a sufficient number of work credits before becoming disabled.


In order to qualify for monthly SSDI payments, you must have a current diagnosis of a disability recognized by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Qualifying disabilities must be severe enough to prevent you from performing your original job as well as any other type of gainful employment.

The disabilities that qualify for SSDI benefits may differ from those that would otherwise qualify for compensation through other government programs. For example, SSDI only covers total disability. A person who is only partially disabled or disabled for a short period of time will not qualify for SSDI.

Work Credits

Having a disabling condition recognized by the SSA is only the first step in obtaining SSDI. You must also have enough work credits in order to secure SSDI benefits. Work credits are based on yearly wages. The more a person works, the more work credits they earn. Specifically, work credits are earned by paying Social Security income taxes throughout your career. The number of work credits needed to obtain benefits will depend on your age at the onset of your disability.

SSDI Appeals

It is worth noting that many SSDI claims are initially denied. Fortunately, a denial does not mean you don’t qualify for SSDI, as many claims are rejected based on errors in the initial application or incomplete information. Filing one or more appeals allows you to provide additional evidence of your SSDI eligibility, frequently results in the reversal of denied SSDI claims. A lawyer in Indianapolis could assist with every stage of the SSDI appellate process, from reconsideration from the SSA, to hears, to the Appeals Council, all the way to federal court if necessary.

Reach out to an Indianapolis SSDI Attorney Right Away

If you are living with a disability that prevents you from working a full-time job, SSDI could provide you with the financial support you need. These benefits could replace your wages when you are no longer able to work.

Let an Indianapolis Social Security Disability Insurance lawyer fight for the compensation you need. Reach out to our firm right away to schedule a consultation with one of our team members.


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