March 2017 Firm Newsletter

Posted: 03/24/2017

In our March 2017 Firm Newsletter, we cover our Safe and Sober program, what people of Indiana really want to be called, and whether or not pedestrians truly have the right of way. We’ll also congratulate our employee of the month, Lisa Jones, and fill you in on a free giveaway running from now until next month—you don’t want to miss this prize!

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February 2017 Firm Newsletter

Posted: 02/28/2017

Our February 2017 Firm Newsletter celebrates the FSTN team’s successful volunteer efforts at the Conners Center, a local shelter for homeless men, women, and children. The team raised $435 and served lunch at the center twice a week for the whole month of February! This month’s newsletter will also give you an update on Lexi’s weight loss journey, and we discuss the recent spike in U.S. traffic deaths.

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January 2017 Firm Newsletter

Posted: 01/26/2017

In this month’s firm newsletter, we’re celebrating the new year! Check out our plans for 2017 FSTN blood drives and take note on a few New Year’s resolutions we think are worth keeping. We’ll also cover the success of our Safe and Sober program—nearly 40 people received a safe ride home on New Year’s Eve!

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December 2016 Firm Newsletter

Posted: 12/21/2016

Winter is well underway, and in this month’s firm newsletter, we’re prepping for the cold weather. Find tips on how to winterize your car and learn the dangers of winter coats and car seats. We also introduce our newest attorney, Caleb Fleschner, celebrate our December employee of the month, Erin Manning, and congratulate our employee of the year, Jane Mascari!

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November 2016 Firm Newsletter

Posted: 11/29/2016

Can you believe it’s almost the end of the year? In this edition of our firm newsletter, we’re celebrating Thanksgiving! Check out our Thanksgiving games to play with your family and friends during the holiday, and our 10 tips for cooking a great turkey. This month’s newsletter also features our Neighbor of the Month, Terre Haute Salvation Army, and our Employee of the Month, Fred Fenton.

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October 2016 Firm Newsletter

Posted: 10/30/2016

This month’s newsletter features our Neighbor of the Month, the Terre Haute Council on Domestic Abuse, an organization that does important work for victims of domestic violence. We also discuss the dangers of distracted driving and share some spooky tales from our local community in honor of Halloween. Be sure to also read about our employee of the month, Crystal Riley!

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September 2016 Firm Newsletter

Posted: 09/29/2016

In our September newsletter, we introduce a new feature, Neighbor of the Month, where we recognize good samaritans in our local community! We’re excited to show off the great people who live and work in Indiana. Our newsletter this month also highlights our employee of the month and her amazing weight loss story, as well as a few silly Indiana laws.

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August 2016 Firm Newsletter

Posted: 08/22/2016

This month, the Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin newsletter is all about back-to-school! We’ll give you helpful tips for starting off the school year on the right foot and cover some history of the Olympics. Don’t forget to check out our August employee of the month, Julia Lawhorn.

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July 2016 Firm Newsletter

Posted: 07/22/2016

In our July 2016 newsletter, we talk about hot summer topics like showing your 4th of July patriotism, always wearing sunscreen, and finding time for a vacation. We also give you tips on how to keep your pets cool during the warmer months and teach you how to safely light a charcoal grill.

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June 2016 Firm Newsletter

Posted: 06/16/2016

We packed our June 2016 firm newsletter with loads of summer fun! Take a look at our summer vacation ideas, like Yellowstone National Park and Myrtle Beach, and our garage sale tips. We also congratulate our June employee of the month, Arcadia Parrish!

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