Damages in Terre Haute Defective Product Cases

When using a consumer item properly and for its intended use causes a serious injury, financial compensation may be available to you or a loved one. Every situation is unique, which is why there are different types of available damages in Terre Haute defective product cases. Our skilled legal professionals at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin could help you understand the facts of your claim so you can seek compensation.

When you are injured due to someone else’s negligence, having a diligent defective products attorney by your side could help you maximize your financial recovery. Reach out to our firm. We can help you through this process.

Medical Costs and Other Expenses Associated with an Injury

One of the largest expenses a person with an injury will face following a defective product incident is the cost of medical care. The immediate care they receive, including ambulance transportation and emergency room treatment, can be extremely expensive. However, this cost is only a small part of the treatment a person might require. A legal claim could cover all the medical expenses associated with these injuries, which could include current and or future bills, lost wages, and diminished future income.

Lost Wages

When injuries are substantial, it can take time for a person to heal. During their recovery, it might be impossible to maintain their employment. This inability to work could have a sudden and drastic impact on their finances. Compensation could be available for the wages they were not able to collect.

There could also be damages related to salaried benefits available from defective product cases in Terre Haute. For example, a person who is forced to use their sick days or vacation time while they are away from work could be entitled to compensation for those lost benefits.

Diminished Future Earnings

An injured person could face future consequences on their earnings even after they have recovered from their harm. In some situations, injuries from a defective product could leave a person with permanent disabilities. While these conditions might not be enough to prevent them from working at all in the future, it could limit the types of employment they are able to perform as well as the wages they are able to earn. Damages might be available for diminished future earnings.

Understanding Pain and Suffering

Not all damages in these cases are easily calculated. Some of these categories involve subjective losses. The most common example of this is a person’s pain and suffering.

Physical pain is a common aspect of a serious injury. Because this pain could have been avoided if it were not for the defective product, it is reasonable for a person with an injury to seek compensation. There is no objective way to measure someone’s suffering, but our experienced attorneys could put together evidence that explains the extent of it to a jury.

Disfigurement Damages

An injured person might be entitled to other forms of subjective damages in these product injury cases in Terre Haute. For example, a person who sustains scarring or disfigurement due to a dangerous product could have a viable claim.

Disfigurement is more than just a physical reminder of a major injury. For many people, the emotional hardship that comes with severe scarring can impact their lives significantly. A monetary award could be available based on this impact.

Talk to a Terre Haute Attorney About Potential Damages in Defective Product Cases

When you are injured by a defective product, you deserve to have fair compensation for your injuries and losses, and the skilled legal professionals at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin are here to help you.

If you have any questions about damages in Terre Haute defective product cases, reach out to our firm today for an initial consultation.


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