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It is understandable if, after suffering an injury due to a defective vehicle, you are considering your legal options. Cars and trucks should work as intended, but many are unreasonably dangerous. Our dedicated defective products attorneys could help you pursue justice in this situation.

You do not have to let the careless manufacturer off the hook after suffering this type of injury. These defects are usually preventable, and the company responsible for them should be held liable. A Terre Haute car defect injury lawyer at our firm could assist you in pursuing justice.

Common Vehicle Defects

There are countless parts of a motor vehicle that could have some kind of dangerous flaw. These defects can occur due to poor design or a mistake during the manufacturing process. A proactive attorney serving Terre Haute could investigate a car defect injury and file a lawsuit on behalf of the victim. Some of the most common defective parts of a vehicle include:


Seatbelts are a mandatory safety feature in every vehicle. They have saved countless lives, but defects can cause more harm than good. When the latches fail, a passenger could be thrown from the vehicle upon impact after not being fully secured.

Braking Systems

Another one of the most common vehicle defects involves the braking system. The careful use of brakes is a vital tool for drivers to avoid dangerous collisions. The reality is that these systems can malfunction in several ways. Drivers who cannot use their braking system could find it impossible to come to a sudden stop or avoid a collision.


Airbags are safety devices that are designed to deploy when collisions happen. They are intended to soften the impact and prevent the passenger from striking the dashboard. Serious injuries can occur when these airbags malfunction. When they fail to deploy, a passenger could suffer serious trauma from striking the steering wheel. In some cases, they can cause burn injuries when they explode or prematurely deploy.

The Deadline to File Legal Action

Victims of these accidents have an opportunity to file a civil lawsuit and pursue financial compensation. It is worth noting that this opportunity will not last forever. Each of these cases is governed by something known as the statute of limitations.

The statute of limitations is the firm legal deadline that applies in personal injury cases. Filing a lawsuit after the expiration of this period will result in the dismissal of these cases with prejudice. When a judge dismisses a case with prejudice, they forever bar the claimant from filing it again. This is true even if the evidence of a dangerous defect is substantial.

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Compensation could be available if you are living with an injury due to a defective vehicle accident. A civil lawsuit could provide you with the financial, emotional, and physical damages you deserve.

Put your trust in the hands of a Terre Haute car defect injury lawyer. Call Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin today to get started on your case.


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