$119 Million Settlement Reached In Transvaginal Mesh Failure Cases

Several years ago, transvaginal mesh was being lauded as a breakthrough in medical technology that would allow patients undergoing procedures like hysterectomies and corrective surgery to undergo less invasive surgeries. But with the devices eroding in the body and perforating bowels, organs, and other tissues, many of the devices were recalled.

Reports of transvaginal mesh failure led to a large portion of the patients who were harmed filing lawsuits against the manufacturers of the defective transvaginal meshes. Now, one of those companies is settling almost 3,000 of the cases for an estimated $119 million.

A story from Injury Lawyer News explains Boston Scientific Corp. has agreed to pay the sum to lay to rest 2,970 lawsuits that claim their Pinnacle mesh, used to support organs within patients’ bodies, failed. Cases settled by the agreement can expect to start receiving payments by October 1 of this year.

The settlement comes on the heels of decisions by two separate juries that found Boston Scientific was responsible for the failure of the transvaginal mesh that was used on patients. Those plaintiffs were each awarded millions in compensation.

At Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin, we have seen the struggles of those who were harmed by a transvaginal mesh failure and that’s why our defective product lawyers are hopeful this settlement will bring a sense of peace and closure to those who were affected by the problems with the Pinnacle device.

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