Terre Haute Bus Accident Lawyer

Busses are a popular form of transportation in Terre Haute, as they offer an economical and convenient way to travel around town or across the country. Sadly, hundreds of bus accidents occur every year and commonly result in severe injuries for all parties involved.

These can affect not just the riders within the busses themselves, but also the drivers and passengers in other vehicles and pedestrians. If a bus driver is responsible for an incident that results in injuries to others, that driver and their employer may be liable for all subsequent losses.

A Terre Haute bus accident lawyer could help you pursue compensation for these losses. Whether you were hurt while riding a bus or were in another vehicle, work with a personal injury attorney who is able to listen to your story, evaluate your legal rights, and pursue every dollar of compensation to which you are entitled.

Bus Drivers Must Keep Other Motorists Safe while Behind the Wheel

Bus drivers are just like any other motorist on the road in that they have a duty to protect their own passengers, those of other vehicles, and pedestrians from foreseeable harm. As a result, a bus driver could be liable for the injuries of others if they are found responsible for a crash.

A bus driver who was violating a rule of the road at the time of an accident could be found responsible for a collision. Examples of traffic violations that could create civil liability in the event of a bus crash include speeding, failure to yield, and texting while driving. A Terre Haute attorney could help determine if a bus driver’s traffic violation would constitute negligence in the event of an otherwise avoidable accident.

Alternatively, a bus driver’s carelessness may have little to do with traffic violations and may instead involve drowsy or distracted driving, for example. Proving negligence is essential when seeking compensation for injuries sustained in a public transit vehicle collision, and an attorney could take the lead in the necessary investigation.

Protecting Bus Riders after a Collision

While it is true that bus drivers follow the same traffic laws as other motorists while traveling on Terre Haute’s roads, they also carry an additional duty to their own passengers. A bus driver who is involved in a crash, even if it does not involve another vehicle, may still be liable for the injuries of passengers within the bus itself. This is because busses are common carriers that take on passengers for a fare, making drivers and their employers responsible for passenger safety.

As a result, people who suffer injuries as a result of hitting their heads on windows or falling to the ground during a sudden stop have the same right to demand compensation for their losses as if they had been involved in a collision with another vehicle.

Even so, it is essential to act quickly, as Indiana Statutes §34-11-2-4 gives you only two years after the date of the bus crash to file a lawsuit and demand payment. A local lawyer could help injured bus passengers in Terre Haute meet this essential filing deadline.

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Busses are some of the most vital yet most dangerous vehicles on Terre Haute’s roads. Passengers in these vehicles rarely have seatbelts or may be standing at the time of an accident. This can result in life-altering injuries. In addition, busses have large blind spots and are slow to stop in an emergency, endangering all other people on the road.

If you suffered harm in a public transit vehicle crash as a passenger or while in another vehicle, get in touch with a Terre Haute bus accident lawyer today. They are ready to listen to your story, evaluate how the crash has changed your life, and demand appropriate compensation for your losses.


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