A disease like Parkinson’s can greatly impact personal finances

The financial impact of a disease such as Parkinson’s can be huge.  Such diseases may render you unable to work, according to Patch.

Most of us know to work and save for college for our kids and to save for retirement for ourselves, but few of us plan for a disabling disease or for a disability that makes us unable to work.

The sudden loss of income and mounting medical bills associated with such diseases could lead to home foreclosure or bankruptcy.

To protect ourselves against this type of scenario and for those who meet the Social Security Administration’s qualifying criteria, there is the Social Security Disability (SSD) program.

The application process is notorious for its difficulty. Some people wait more than 800 days to receive their SSD benefits. The Social Security Disability lawyers at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin can help. Submitting a well-prepared application as soon as possible is the key to qualifying for these benefits.

You may want to consider seeking the assistance of a Social Security attorney who can help you secure proper medical records, complete time-consuming paperwork, and meet critical deadlines.

It is important to be able to demonstrate the effect that Parkinson’s or any other disease or disability has had on your life through documentation, such through doctors’ reports and through your own personal journaling.

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The financial burden that often comes with a serious injury can be too much for many people to bear. Unexpected medical debt, damaged personal property, and the sudden loss of income can impact the budgets of most families. The good news is that a successful injury claim could help reduce that financial strain after a serious accident. Get in touch with a Terre Haute personal injury lawyer with Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin to learn more.

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