A New Study Asks: How Old Is Too Old to Drive?

In anticipation of the number of drivers over 70 tripling in the next 20 years, researchers at the University of Colorado School of Medicine recently analyzed senior citizens and their driving habits.

The study concentrated on seniors’ attitudes about driving and found that it’s a sensitive—and sometimes sore—subject.

“It’s such an emotional issue,” said Emmy Betz, an MD, MPH, with the University of Colorado School of Medicine. “And every person ages so differently and so a 65-year-old may not be safe anymore, but someone in their 90s might be safe.”

Seventy-one-percent of seniors said they support mandatory driver re-testing at a certain age but that the tests should determine whether “they are safe drivers or not [and] not just discriminatory age-based policies that you hit 80 and you can’t drive anymore,” said Betz.

The study also found that seniors are more likely to listen to doctors, family, and friends who are concerned about their driving rather than police or the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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Do you think seniors should have to re-take the driving test once they hit a certain age?

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