Accusations Cause Disabled Man’s Social Security Disability Benefits To Be Withheld

January 24, 2014

Many disabled individuals believe that once they receive a Social Security Disability Approval, many of their problems will be solved. However, a recent report told the story of a man who has been accused of being a convicted felon by the Social Security Administration (SSA), resulting in his benefit payments being withheld.

According to an article published by The Sun Sentinel, the 57-year-old man form Florida is a diabetic who is unable to work and dependent on the $1,600 per month he receives in Social Security Disability benefits. Last August though, he received a letter from the SSA saying his benefits would cease due to a conviction of a felony crime.

The victim resolved the issue, only to be accused again the following December. This time though, the issue was unable to be resolved before a payment was missed, leaving the victim with no source of income due to a mistaken identity.

Furthermore, when the problem was taken to a SSA employee, the victim was told it was not the agency’s issue to resolve.

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