Champaign man killed in a Springfield truck accident

April 24, 2008 The Deputy Director for Vehicle Services in the Secretary of State’s office in Illinois was killed in a Springfield truck accident, according to The Springfield…

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Mother files Columbus wrongful death suit over daughter’s death

April 22, 2008 An Ohio mother has filed a Columbus wrongful death suit against Franklin County’s Sheriff Department after her daughter was strangled by her estranged boyfriend. According…

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Woman needs over 100 stitches after Decatur dog bite

April 17, 2008 An Illinois woman was bitten several times by a stray dog outside a Circle K gas station in Decatur. According to The Decatur Herald-Review, the…

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Court reinstates suit for Fort Wayne wrongful death case

April 15, 2008 An Indiana medical malpractice case that was originally dismissed by a trial court has now been turned into a Fort Wayne wrongful death case. According…

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Four police officers injured in Chicago auto accident

April 10, 2008 An Illinois police chase ended in a Chicago auto accident that injured four police officers. The police officers were pursuing four possibly armed men in…

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An Illinois man dies in a Chicago motorcycle accident

April 8, 2008 According to The Chicago Sun-Times, a Chicago motorcycle accident has left an Illinois man dead. The motorcyclist crashed into a parked vehicle after hitting a…

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Family files lawsuit against diabetic in South Bend wrongful death accident

April 3, 2008Indiana family members filed a South Bend wrongful death and negligence lawsuit for their mother and ex-wife, who died in an Indiana car accident. The South…

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Indianapolis truck accident leaves one dead

April 1, 2008 A Chicago truck driver was killed after a fence post impaled the man in a truck accident on Interstate 65. The Indianapolis truck accident occurred…

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Dayton woman suffers Ohio brain injury after boyfriend’s attack

March 27, 2008 A thirty-two year old woman was beaten with the hatchet side of a hammer by her boyfriend and left for dead, according to the Dayton…

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Decatur accident victims deal with death and spinal cord injuries

March 25, 2008 Two survivors from a Decatur auto accident deal with the loss of loved ones and a slow recovery from spinal cord injuries. The two women…

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