A mockup of what the hotel will look like once construction is complete.

Queen of Terre Haute Casino Construction Is in Progress, Set to Open in Late 2023

Construction of the Queen of Terre Haute Casino has begun. This is an exciting revelation as residents have been eagerly waiting for a local casino to open. Site preparation has already begun, and workers have started installing a drainage system on the property. According to Churchill Downs Inc., the creator of this new casino, construction on the 50-acre plot is estimated to last about 18 months.

Churchill Downs Inc. is investing $260 million into the casino, which will feature a ten-story luxury hotel containing 125 rooms, 1,000 slot machines, 50 table games, sportsbooks, five restaurants and bars, and a rooftop pool/bar/lounge. Outside of hotel guests, the restaurants and bars will also be open to members of the public. William C. Carstanjen, the CEO of Churchill Downs Inc., spoke to the community:

“We are focused, as a company, on economic development, health and wellness, tourism, infrastructure and quality of life, as well as talents and attracting the best people that we can… we realize that you have entrusted us with being a member of your community with this project.” Carstanjen also discussed how the company strives to prioritize the residents of Terre Haute. They anticipate a majority of future employees and team members to be from the surrounding areas.

Community Benefits

Churchill Downs Inc. aims to prioritize the vendors, suppliers, and inhabitants of the west-central region. Between the construction process and the operation of the casino itself, it is projected that over 1,500 new jobs will be created for local residents. The casino is expected to generate an impact of $190 million within the local economy annually, and $10 million of this amount is being shared between the city, county, school corporation, and non-profit foundation. The project’s profits will also aid with the city budget spent on parks, roads, and amenities. Finally, this income will also help the local government prosper with local income taxes from employees, property taxes, and food-and-beverage taxes that will get invested back into the local community.

Community Concerns

Although the project will bring a $190 million annual impact to the city, intense levels of crime are often associated with casinos. The opening of a new casino may bring criminal activity or dangerous habits, such as gambling, to Terre Haute. Approximately half of compulsive gamblers have been found to commit crimes such as fraud, shoplifting, and embezzlement.

Final Thoughts

For Terre Haute residents that have been waiting for a local casino to open, the day has finally come. This $260 million project offers the city many great benefits, such as the creation of new jobs, economic development, tourism opportunities, and giving back to the community. However, the potential negative impact of this project remains unknown. The Queen of Terre Haute Casino is expected to open in late 2023.

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