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Road Hazards to Look Out for to Avoid an Accident

Despite driving as carefully as possible and obeying all relevant traffic laws, car accidents can still occur. This is because driving often poses unpredictable risks that are hard to prepare for. However, knowing what road hazards to look out for could help you avoid such an accident. These risks include:


Animals large and small can be hazardous to drivers. Foxes, deer, stray dogs, or other animals that linger near roadways could run into the middle of a road without warning. While doing so, the animal could collide with a vehicle, causing the driver to swerve off the road or crash into another motorist. It is essential to keep an eye out for animal crossing signs and to slow down when you see animals near the side of the road.

Wet or Oily Roads

Poor weather conditions could make a road slippery, possibly resulting in hydroplaning vehicles and a loss of driver control. When traveling through bad weather such as rainstorms, make sure to drive slowly and maintain awareness of the other vehicles around you.

Potholes and Road Debris

Many drivers swerve around potholes or debris in order to avoid hitting them. While this may seem the correct action to avoid damaging your car, swerving out of your lane is exceptionally dangerous. It could cause a collision with a vehicle in a neighboring lane or cause you to lose control of your car. When approaching a pothole or debris, make sure to slow down and be aware of any vehicles around you before taking action to drive around it.

Construction Zones

Construction zones can cause confusion with flashing lights, signs, unpaved roads, and large equipment. Remember to slow down and follow any instructions that workers or road signs may give you.

Notably, I-70 is currently under construction, which poses several risks to driver who do not proceed with caution. This construction began on May 2nd of 2022 and is expected to finish in June of 2023.

Reckless Drivers

Sometimes another driver could be the reason why you get into a crash. In order to avoid other motorists acting recklessly or aggressively around you, you might think to swerve away. However, you risk potentially hitting another vehicle or driving off of the road by doing this. Make sure to keep your distance from reckless drivers and always maintain awareness of the other vehicles around you.

Contact a Knowledgeable Car Accident Lawyer

Predicting what you might encounter while on the road is nearly impossible. Therefore, being aware of these common hazards when behind the wheel can help keep you and your passengers safe. If you or a loved one have been in an accident, it is essential to seek prompt medical assistance. After ensuring that all injured parties have been accounted for, you should contact an experienced attorney for guidance with your vehicle accident claim. Contact our firm today for a free consultation.

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